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Interpersonal Skills

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The Reason Why Communication Skills Are So Important

Being graced with social and communications skills and dynamism are great skills to have in this ever-changing society that we live in. When it comes to communication, it is the only way of getting a message across from one individual to another or from one group to another; or even within the animal world, from one herd member to another. Good communication skills in our present society cannot be overemphasized. When transferring information from one person to another, one cannot use physical force or telepathic powers. The only way is to use words; whether through the spoken word, or through sign language for the hard of hearing. When you communicate you are able to identify what is going on in your surroundings. What is happening to a friend? A family member? An acquaintance? Maybe your friend is in a bad mood and does not want to speak with you; you would be able to identify this behaviour and this feeling by simply speaking about it. Asking your friend why they feel that way and how you can possibly fix the issue. Communicating with other people can also enhance your awareness in general. There is no age limit to communication.

The Different Methods Of Communication

An elderly person may communicate with a younger person and vice versa. The skill is interchangeable and can be used at any time and at any moment. It is unfortunate that in the society that we currently live in we have been conditioned to communicating most of the time on either social media or our mobile devices. Those are not terrible tools to use towards effective communication; but it is always best to communicate face to face with each other, especially when speaking about sensitive matters. For example, the person on the other line may not understand why the tone of your voice is so low and why you seem to be upset about something. If they were in your presence they would see that you are simply tired and are in need of a nap. The receiver of a text message may not understand why the exclamation mark after saying “well, thank you” and may perceive it as sarcasm on your end where on the contrary, you are extremely grateful for the service that was provided, but you are not sure how to express it through texting. Face to face interactions are always best. It is hard because sometimes due to long distance relationships we find ourselves in this predicament and cannot, unfortunately, do anything about it. The only means of communicating in such a situation would be through our electronic devices as well as through social media.

Great communication skill is not all about speaking properly but also about being able to listen carefully. We all seem to be “great” speakers but terrible listeners. We interrupt, we raise our voices, we insult, we ignore. These are all terrible listening skills and should be avoided at all costs if you want to maintain friendships and relationships. Nobody would want to converse with a confrontational person that is not willing to listen to what the other person has to say. It is a skill to be practised and exercised at all costs.

At MiamiReputation, we ensure to not only advise you in whatever endeavours you would be engaging in but also to listen to the comments and concerns you may have.

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