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Online Reputation Management

Millie Herrera, MBA, is the founder of Miami Reputation, an SEO management services venture and President of The Miami Group & Associates, a strategic business, marketing and IT consulting firm that helps businesses reach their next level of excellence by improving operations, maximizing technology to increase profitability, and promoting positive branding offline and online.

A considerable portion of her work portfolio has been in helping midsize companies grow and achieve success. She works with clients from diverse industries to first develop the business and marketing strategies needed to reach new clients, and then execute the plans with an expert team of marketers and other professionals.

In 2012, she took a temporary leave from The Miami Group to join the Obama Administration as the Southeast Regional Representative at the Department of Labor. At DOL, she was part of Secretary Hilda Solis’s leadership team and drove community outreach campaigns to amplify the policies of the DOL and the Obama Administration in the nine states of the Southeast United States.

Prior to founding The Miami Group & Associates, Millie led IT projects of global reach in the travel, insurance, energy, and banking industries to implement travel technology solutions for dot.coms, travel agencies and cruise lines, and financial systems for banks, insurance and energy companies.

Millie has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, Illinois; and a Master in Business Administration degree from Florida International University, in Miami, Florida.